Mission Statement & Core Values of Trinity Baptist Church

Our Mission Statement

  • “Sharing Christ – Building Believers.”  (Matthew 28:19-20)

Vision for Trinity Baptist Church

  • We envision a healthy growing church of over 150 members.
  • We envision our church being intentional on evangelism and discipleship in each of our church programs.
  • We envision a church where our members are committed to at least three areas of ministry:
    1. Worship service
    2. Discipleship/Small group
    3. Serve in one area of ministry at TBC. 
  • We envision a church of small groups at church and in homes where people can gather together to sit in circles not rows, a safe place to share together, to pray for one another, and to learn God’s word together.
  • We envision a church that is focused on ministry and not meetings.
  • We envision becoming a church that is effective in connecting with our community so we might share the gospel of Christ with them.
  • We envision a church where our members build intentional relationship with one another.  Through small groups, mentoring relationships, church socials, dinner for 6, etc…
  • We envision a time when we will train every member to know and use their spiritual gifts for the Lord.
  • We envision continuing to do all we can to improve and update our church facilities so that they are attractive to the community we live in. 
  • We envision a church passionately involved in missions sending people out both locally and globally to impact our world for Christ.
  • We envision a time when we will partner with a Spanish speaking pastor to start a Spanish Church out of our church buildings. 
  • We envision building a new two story multipurpose church building in the next 2-4 years by selling off the back part of our church property. 
  • We envision partnering with a church planter to help start a new SBC in the bay area. 

*This is our dream and our vision of what we believe could and should be.

Core Values of Trinity Baptist Church

  1. We value the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and the personal application of scripture so we may grow stronger in our Christian faith.  Life change.
  2. We value prayer as a way to talk to God and as a way that God leads us knowing His will for our lives and our church through the power of His Holy Spirit.  Power of God.
  3. We value worship as a way to gather corporately together to exalt God through prayer, music, sermons, and praise.  Edification and encouragement
  4. We value serving the Lord as a way to build up our church family and as a way to show our love towards God.  Every member is a minister. 
  5. We value excellence in ministry.  Everything we do as a church in each of our ministries we want to do it to the highest standards so God is glorified.  Giving God our best.
  6. We value caring for the needs of others in our church and in our community as a way to love and encourage others.  Meeting people’s needs.
  7. We value evangelism as a way to tell others about the good news that Jesus saves.  We believe evangelism should be part of each of our own lives and should be a major part of our church programs and ministries.  Reaching the lost.
  8. We value fellowship within our church family so we can encourage each other, prayer for each other, hold each other accountable, and help each other grow in our faith together.  Building up on another.